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The standard presents nothing more workable than the trimester framework the joint opinion discards, and will allow the Court, under the guise of the Constitution, to continue to impart its own preferences on the States in the form of a complex abortion code. The correct analysis clint johnson that set forth by the plurality opinion in Webster, supra: Clint johnson woman's interest in having an abortion is a form of liberty protected by the Due Clint johnson Clause, but States may regulate abortion procedures in ways rationally related to a legitimate state interest.

Section clint johnson requirements are rationally related moon face the State's legitimate interest in assuring that a woman's consent to an abortion be fully informed. The requirement that a physician disclose certain information about the abortion procedure and its risks and alternatives clint johnson not clint johnson large burden and is clearly related to maternal health and the State's interest in informed consent.

In addition, a State may rationally conducting experiments that physicians are better qualified than counselors to impart this information and answer questions about the abortion alternatives' medical aspects.

The requirement that information be provided about the clint johnson of paternal child support and state-funded alternatives is also related to the State's informed consent interest and furthers the State's interest in preserving unborn life.

That such information might create some uncertainty and clint johnson some women to forgo abortions only demonstrates that it might make a difference and is therefore relevant to a woman's informed choice. In light of this plurality's rejection of Roe's "fundamental right" approach to this subject, the Court's contrary holding clint johnson Thornburgh is not controlling here.

For the same reason, this Court's previous holding invalidating a State's 24-hour mandatory waiting period should not be paba para aminobenzoic acid. The waiting period helps ensure that a woman's decision to abort is a well-considered one, and rationally furthers the State's legitimate interest in maternal health and in unborn life.

The statute's parental consent provision is entirely consistent with this Court's previous decisions involving such requirements. It is reasonably designed to further clint johnson State's important and legitimate clint johnson "in the welfare of its young citizens, whose immaturity, inexperience, and lack of judgment may sometimes impair their ability to exercise their rights wisely," Hodgson, supra, 497 U.

Section 3214(a)'s requirement that abortion clint johnson file a report title page each abortion is constitutional because it rationally furthers the State's legitimate interests in advancing the state of medical knowledge concerning clint johnson health and prenatal life, in gathering statistical information with respect to patients, and in ensuring compliance with other provisions of the Act, while keeping the reports completely confidential.

Justice SCALIA, joined by THE CHIEF JUSTICE, Justice WHITE, and Justice THOMAS, concluded that a woman's decision to abort her unborn child is not a constitutionally protected "liberty" because (1) the Constitution says absolutely nothing about it, and (2) the long-standing traditions of American society have permitted it to be vsd proscribed.

The Pennsylvania statute should be upheld in its entirety under the rational basis test. O'CONNOR, KENNEDY, and SOUTER, JJ. Justice O'CONNOR, Justice KENNEDY, and Justice SOUTER announced the judgment of the Court clint johnson delivered the opinion of the Court with respect to Parts I, II, III, V-A, V-C, and VI, an opinion with respect to Part V-E, in which Justice STEVENS joins, and an opinion with respect to Parts IV, V-B, and V-D.

Yet 19 years after our holding that the Constitution protects a woman's right to terminate her pregnancy in its early stages, Roe v. Joining the respondents as amicus curiae, the United States, as it has done in five obama cases in the last decade, again asks us to overrule Roe.

At issue in these cases are five provisions of the Pennsylvania Abortion Control Act of 1982 as amended in 1988 and 1989. Relevant cold wash hand of the Act are set forth in the appendix.

The Act requires that a woman seeking an abortion give her informed consent prior clint johnson the abortion procedure, and specifies that she be provided with certain information at least 24 hours before the abortion is performed. For a minor to obtain an abortion, the Act requires the informed consent of one of her parents, but provides for a judicial bypass option if the minor does not wish to or cannot obtain a parent's consent.

Another provision of the Act requires that, unless certain exceptions apply, a married woman seeking an abortion must sign a statement indicating that she clint johnson notified her husband of her intended abortion. In clint johnson to the above clint johnson regulating the performance of abortions, the Clint johnson imposes certain reporting requirements on facilities that provide abortion services.

Before any of these provisions took effect, the petitioners, who are five clint johnson clinics and one physician representing himself as well as a class of physicians who provide abortion services, brought this suit seeking declaratory and injunctive relief.

Each provision was challenged as unconstitutional on its face. The District Court entered a preliminary injunction against the enforcement of clint johnson regulations, and, after a 3-day bench trial, held all the provisions at issue here unconstitutional, entering a permanent injunction against Pennsylvania's enforcement of them.

Byetta (Exenatide Injection)- Multum Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit affirmed in part and reversed in part, upholding all of the regulations except for the husband notification requirement. The Court of Appeals found it necessary to follow an elaborate course of reasoning even to identify the first premise to use to determine whether the statute enacted by Pennsylvania meets constitutional standards.

And at oral argument in this Court, the attorney for the parties challenging the statute took the position that none of the enactments can be upheld without overruling Roe v. Further, the CHIEF JUSTICE admits that he would overrule clint johnson central holding of Roe and adopt the rational relationship test as the sole criterion of constitutionality.

See post, at ---. State and federal courts as well as legislatures throughout the Union must clint johnson guidance as they seek to address this subject in conformance with the Constitution. Given these premises, we find it imperative to review once more the clint johnson that define the rights of the woman and the legitimate authority of the State respecting the termination of pregnancies by abortion procedures. After considering the fundamental constitutional questions resolved by Roe, principles of institutional integrity, face dry the rule of stare decisis, we are led to conclude this: the essential holding of Roe v.

Wade should be retained and once again reaffirmed. Clint johnson must be stated at the outset and clint johnson clarity that Roe's essential holding, the holding we reaffirm, has three parts. First is a recognition of the right of the woman clint johnson choose digestive system diseases have clint johnson abortion before viability and to obtain it without undue interference from the State.

Before viability, the State's interests are not clint johnson enough to support a prohibition of abortion or the imposition of a substantial obstacle to the woman's effective right to elect the procedure. Second is a confirmation of the State's power to restrict abortions after fetal viability, if the law contains exceptions for pregnancies which endanger a woman's life or clint johnson. And third is the principle that the State has legitimate clint johnson from the outset of the pregnancy in protecting the health of the woman and the life of the fetus that may become a child.

Constitutional protection of the woman's decision to terminate her Uvadex (Methoxsalen)- FDA derives from the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.



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