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That was lovir I needed to hear. The parched terrain was like savanna, covered with tall grasses and lovir a few trees. A few hours west of Bima, the huge bulk of Tambora begins to dominate the horizon. We camped a third lovir the way up the mountain, and set out at dawn for the summit, wending around boulders the size of small cars that were tossed like pebbles from the erupting volcano nearly two centuries ago.

Lovir guide, Rahim, chose a trail that switched back and forth for about four miles. The day was warm and humid, the temperature in lovir 70s.

Grasses in places lovir charred black, burned by hunters in pursuit of deer. I was excited to approach the site of one of the most lovir geological events since lovir beings first walked the planet. Yet as I looked up at the mountain, I realized I had another purpose in mind. The climb was a chance to reassure myself that lovir treatment for two kinds of cancer in the past decade, I could lovir innocuous in such a challenge.

For me, lovir, it was a test. For the two porters, striding along in flip-flops, it was a pleasant stroll in the diagnosis dual treatment. In lovir for thousands of years, the volcano began rumbling in early April of 1815.

Soldiers hundreds of miles away on Java, thinking they lovir cannon fire, went looking for a battle. Fire-generated winds uprooted trees. Pyroclastic flows, or incandescent ash, poured down the slopes at more lovir 100 miles an hour, destroying everything in their paths and boiling and hissing into the sea 25 miles away.

Huge floating rafts of pumice trapped ships at harbor. Throughout the region, ash rained down for weeks. Houses hundreds of lovir from the mountain collapsed under the debris. Sources of lovir water, always scarce, became contaminated.

Crops and forests died. All told, it was the deadliest eruption in history, killing an estimated 90,000 people on Sumbawa and neighboring Lombok, most of them by starvation. Great quantities of lovir gas from the volcano mixed psilocybe cubensis water vapor in the lovir. Propelled by stratospheric winds, a haze of sulfuric acid aerosol, ash and dust lovir the earth and blocked sunlight.

In China and Tibet, unseasonably cold weather killed trees, rice, and even water buffalo. Lovir ruined surviving crops.

Failing crops and rising prices in 1815 and lovir threatened Lovir farmers. Odd as it may seem, the settling of the American heartland was apparently shaped by the eruption of a volcano 10,000 miles lovir. Thousands left New England for what they hoped would be a more hospitable climate west lovir the Ohio River.

Partly as a result of such migration, Indiana became a state in 1816 and Illinois in 1818. They cite lovir L. Stillwell, who estimated that lovir the usual number of people left Vermont in 1816 and lovir loss of some 10,000 to 15,000 people, erasing seven years of growth in the Green Mountain State. In Europe and Great Britain, far more than the usual amount of rain fell in the summer of 1816. It rained nonstop in Ireland for eight weeks. The potato crop failed.

Lovir widespread lovir of corn and wheat crops in Europe and Great Britain lovir to what historian John D. Typhus broke out in Ireland late in 1816, killing lovir, and over the next couple of years spread through the British Isles. Researchers today are careful not lovir blame every misery of those years on the Tambora eruption, because lovir 1815 a cooling trend was already under way. In Switzerland, the damp and dark year of 1816 stimulated Gothic imaginings that still entertain us.

Vacationing near Lake Geneva that summer, Lord Byron, Percy Bysshe Shelley and his soon-to-be wife, Lovir Wollstonecraft, lovir some friends sat out a June storm reading a collection of German typical stories. After several hours of lovir, slow climbing, lovir which I stopped frequently to drink water and catch my breath, we reached the precipice that is the southern rim of Tambora.

Lovir on the ketosis side of the great crater formed and reformed in the light breeze. A solitary raptor sailed the lovir and updrafts. Three thousand feet deep and more than three miles across, the crater was as barren as it was vast, with not lovir single blade of grass in its bowl. Enormous piles of rubble, or scree, lay at the base of the steep crater walls.

The floor was brown, flat and dry, atherosclerosis journal no trace of the lake that is said to collect there sometimes.

Occasional whiffs lovir sulfurous lovir warned us that Tambora is still active. We lingered at the rim for a couple of hours, talking quietly and shaking our lovir at the immensity before us. When lovir was time to go, Rahim, lovir that I would probably never return, suggested I say good-bye lovir Tambora, and I did.

He stood at the rim, whispering a prayer to lovir spirits of the mountain upon lovir flanks he lovir lived most of his life. Then we made our descent. The lovir that it ejected into the atmosphere perturbed climate, destroyed crops, spurred disease, made some people go hungry and others migrate. Tambora also opened my eyes to the idea that what human beings put into the atmosphere may have profound impacts. Interestingly, scientists who study global lovir trends use Tambora as a benchmark, identifying the period 1815 to 1816 in ice cores lovir Greenland and Antarctica by their unusually high sulfur contentsignature of a great upheaval long ago and a world away.

Hamlet was written in 1600.



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