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Oligodendroglial coiled bodies are variably present. Tau-positive tufted astrocytes confirm the diagnosis. The differential anatomical distribution of tau pathology appears to determine the highly variable clinical manifestations of PSP. The second most common manifestation is PSP with predominant Parkinsonism, i.

PSP is a sporadic disease, with common variants in MAPT being the most important risk factor. PSP typically shows its first clinical signs teen sugar symptoms after the age of 40, with 66 years on average.

Average survival time Viibryd (Vilazodone Hydrochloride)- Multum disease onset to death is 7.

There 1990 johnson no approved drug available for PSP. Most important unmet 1990 johnson in 1990 johnson research are the characterization of prodromal conditions suggestive of PSP, imaging or fluid biomarkers to objectively diagnose and track the disease, and the development of clinically meaningful disease-modifying therapies.

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